Bootleggers Murder Mystery

Join the performance, experience the adrenaline of a speakeasy mystery degustation dinner.

Grab a glass of the 1920’s and make it a double, because your genuine speakeasy experience is coming to Wellington!

Join us for a night of intrigue and mystery as Dillinger’s Brasserie and Bar hosts an immersive theatre performance where the jazz is smooth, the gin is strong, and everyone’s a suspect.

Your $89 ticket will include both a 3-course meal and a prohibition cocktail on arrival all while you sit back and enjoy a unique piece of dinner theatre that will keep you on the edge of your seats.

Tickets are limited and it’s password only, so get yours while you can!

Private: Dillinger’s

A vibrant throwback to finer times, Dillinger’s Brasserie is here to wine and dine you in style. Tickle your taste buds with a menu that pays homage and respect to revisited classics. Enjoy a coffee in the sun, treat yourself to some of Wellington’s finest craft beers, or take a peek at our vast wine selection. Get your wiggle on down at Dillinger’s today!