Smokin’ Tacos

Who doesn’t love tacos? Rosie is going to teach ya’ how to give your tacos the love they deserve!

Chef Ollie Edwards is back with another interactive masterclass showing you how to create smokin’ tacos and equipping you with the know-how to host your own EPIC taco experience to rub in your friend’s faces. Let’s turn the heat up in the kitchen and knock up the flavours in your dinners. Throw away that Old El Paso nonsense and bring it back to the basics. We’re talking homemade pickles, fresh as pico & guacs, next level rubs & marinades, slow-smoked Tex-Mex brisket and of course… tear-jerking hot sauce!

Sit back with some Margarita’s as our very own Taco Titan takes you through the ins and outs of making a perfect taco.

You’ll be leaving this session with a brand new outlook on the world’s favourite guilty pleasure alongside a goody bag full of recipes and the tools to make your own Legendary Taco party.

Ticket price includes 3 drinks and canapés.

Private: Rosie’s Red Hot Cantina & Taco Joint

Bringing you the best street food from L.A. to the Baja Coast all the way to the Wellington waterfront. Over the years Rosie ate her fair share of burgers and put away a margarita or two, she drank beers on the beach, and she ate tacos, LOTS OF TACOS. Now she wants to share all her favourites with you!