Traffic Light Party

It’s a Traffic Light Party like no other! For one night Shady Lady will be transformed into a 21st Century Wonder. Whether you’re just wanting to party with your partner of you’re looking for a life long companion, Shady Lady will be your ultimate wingman. As simple as it gets, red (taken/not looking), yellow (it’s complicated/maybe) and green (single, ready to mingle).

Patrons will be encouraged to dress accordingly but never fear, those who didn’t get the memo we have enough colourful goodies to go around, from hats to leis and stickers, you’ll certainly be able to put your relationship status forward.

2x DJs will be playing from playing from 10pm-4am (Morgan and Co).

Private: Shady Lady

If you’re cavorting about Courtenay Place and hankering for a true rock boozer, boogie on down to a destination that pays homage to rock ‘n’ roll of times gone by! We think Shady Lady is a real badass rock sanctuary.