Psychic Supper

Come down to Leroy’s and enjoy an evening of entertainment including an insightful psychic reading, a delicious meal chosen from our special menu and a chance to connect with spirits from the other side. The Mediums will connect to you in the audience and give messages from the spirit world. Members of the audience will be chosen at random and not everyone will receive a message, so for those curious about the paranormal be sure to manifest your opportunity to speak to those on the other side.

Private: Leroy’s

Serious street food. Killer craft beer. Daily rituals. Arcade games.

Here, we do things differently. Fancy pouring your own beer? Or winning yourself a pint in our very own beer can grab machine?

This is the norm at Leroy’s.

Kick back and relax in our crazy slice of heaven, whether you are after a crafty beer or a top notch taco, we know we have what you need.