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Murder at The Cambridge Hotel

The Cambridge Hotel

One night only – 7th July EAT – Taste of Trinity We begin with the iconic Rēwana bread, a traditional Māori sourdough that sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. As the appetizer, savor the Seafood Trinity—a symphony of flavors featuring a confit of conga eel, smoked hake, and kina-cooked cream, accompanied by a delightful pikopiko and wakame garnish. For the main course enjoy tender braised lamb flap, complemented by creamy kūmara mash, delightful blue cheese corn, and refreshing baby watercress greens. A light kawakawa drizzle adds a tantalizing finish to this exquisite dish. Finally, indulge your sweet tooth with a delectable dessert. Our Koko brownie, rich in flavor and texture, is paired with a luxurious Beauregard kūmara cream, creating a harmonious blend of sweet and creamy notes that will leave you wanting more. DRINK – Manawa Ora A captivating cocktail that beautifully blends flavors inspired by Aotearoa's natural wonders. This refreshing libation combines the essence of kūmarahou, rose, and jasmine green tea, enhanced with the delightful sweetness of kawakawa syrup, and The National Distillery Company's New Zealand Native gin adds a distinct botanical note. Whether you're seeking a sophisticated aperitif or a captivating drink to toast with, the Manawa Ora promises to deliver a harmonious blend of flavors that will leave you refreshed and intrigued Also a beer. If you want Thomas George Pale Ale – recipe from the 1920’s Whistling Sisters PLAY – Murder at The Cambridge Hotel There is mystery in the air at the Cambridge Hotel! Come along and join us on a heart stopping journey through history to solve the mystery unique to the historic, haunted Cambridge hotel! 10 years ago, Rapata and Marama Atlas purchased The Cambridge Hotel. They put a lot of work into the hotel and turned it into one of the finest establishments in Wellington. After years of toiling away at the building, working himself to the bone, Rapata died suddenly at the start of Matariki, Marama was left to tend to the hotel herself. One year later Marama decides its time to sell The Cambridge Hotel and leave Wellington. She organises a large event for guests to come, reminisce about the past, break bread and gaze at the stars. The sun is setting beyond the steep hills of Wellington and you find yourself standing in the bar at The Cambridge Hotel. Many others have joined you in the bar, Marama however is not present. The strangers around you are looking at you with interest. You help yourself to a cocktail and then 6 of the strangers begin to introduce themselves.. Help solve the mystery with good company, great food plenty of wine and a side of Murder!

$95 - includes a cocktail on arrival, canapés, main course, wine on the table and murder*

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