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Chocky Chow

The Crooked Elm

Prepare to embark on a nutty and delightful journey with our latest offering: Chocky Chow from The Crooked Elm. Indulge in the perfect blend of Nutella, cinnamon sugar, and a nutty Belgian hot chocolate served in a delightful donut for a truly exceptional experience. For those seeking an extra kick, adults can enjoy a spirited twist with the addition of Franjelico, elevating Chocky Chow into a delightful hot choccy with a hint of indulgence. The Crooked Elm, with its charming English pub setting, sets the stage for a cosy and inviting ambiance to enjoy your Chocky Chow. Imagine yourself on the deck, basking in the warm winter sun, and savouring every sip of this delightful drink. Don't miss out on this extraordinary hot chocolate creation that promises to tantalize your taste buds. Join us at The Crooked Elm and bring along your best hot chocolate and donut puns to add to the fun and enjoyment!
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