Beer Cocktails – The Moscow Offender

Double Vision Brewing hosts a range of monthly Beer Cocktails that combine and redesign traditional cocktails to work with their wide range in beer selection. Found only at the Double Vision taproom we call this special our ‘Beer Cocktail Of The Month’ and each is only available for a limited time. Each recipe is uniquely trialled and tested by our in-house Mixologist who hails from the bustling New York cocktail bar scene, and has not only found his favourite beers here at the taproom, but is using his passion to enhance the DVB range to even further heights.
With the beginning of May we welcome another twist on a classic from the Double Vision Mixologist here at DVB HQ. To begin our journey we gather together the finest vodka the New Zealand motherland has to offer, made right here in Wellington! We brave the cold to collect and add a dash of fresh lime and ginger, and over the rocks we top this with our refreshing NZ Pilsner and stir. Served in a tall glass you will discover the citrus burst holds you in a warm yet refreshing embrace, similar to that of your loving babushka.
Come on down and give them a try- you won’t be disappointed!

Private: Double Vision Brewing

We’re not here to collect medals or design show ponies, we are here to create damn good beer that makes mouth parties at your place!