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Battle Riffs & Aperitifs

Counter Culture Board Game Cafe & Bar

Bethany and Isaac serve up songs and wisdom from the twists, turns, and antics of your favourite board game nights. These game culture coaches are the best of friends, but who’s better? Battle Riffs is a musical comedy with original songs and improvised dialogue. It's a joyfully chaotic show which pairs brilliantly with our signature gin aperitif. After a sold out Fringe season, the musical comedy duo are back for ONE NIGHT ONLY. This time Bethany Miller is joined by improv/muso legend Isaac Thomas as your exclusive game night hosts, bringing the drama of desperate rhymes and desperate leisure. After the 1 hour show, stick around to play some games of your own! This ticket includes a drink (the signature cocktail, mocktail or pint) and game pass for the evening.


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